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बाढी जोखिमबाट बच्ने र बचाउने उपायहरु : गेजरिडरबाट नदिमा बाढीको सतह र अवस्थाको बारेमा नियमित जानकारी लिने गरौं । मोवाईल फोन नियमित चार्ज गरेर राखौं । रेडियो र टेलिभिजनबाट आउने बर्षा र बाढी सम्बन्धि खबर/सन्देश ध्यान दिएर सुनौं । बाढीको चेतावनी तह र खतराको सूचना पाउन साईरनको आवाज ध्यान दिएर सुनौं । प्रत्येक पटकको साईरनको आवाज पश्चात हाते माईकको निर्देशनको ख्याल गरौं ।

About Us

Community Development & Advocacy Forum Nepal (CDAFN)


Community Development & Advocacy Forum Nepal (CDAFN) is a non-profit making and non-governmental organization. It was established in 2006 in Mahottari district in Nepal. The organization was formed and operated by a group of professional of Natural resource and social management professional. The democratic government of Nepal which provide a space to the various professionals, who are highly dedicated for the management and development about different types of natural and social evils and problems. This group decided to work in an organized way to uplift social, economic, political and social health conditions of local community especially of marginalized groups and women.

Target Group

Women, Dalits, Janjati, Madheshi, Youth and Children including poor, disadvantaged and disable group of society are the target group of the institution.


The  natural resources  in  the  Chure, Bhabar and Terai are  developed  and  managed  in a  regionally  coordinated  manner  for  the  wellbeing  of  the  people  and  considering  the  sustainability  of  the ecosystem services. 


CDAFN aims to help on proper utilization of natural resources for the reduction of poverty and disaster through the development and use of technology, by demonstrating results, sharing knowledge and influencing others.


The main goal of the organization is to contribute to the livelihood and well-being of the people through sustainable natural resource management, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation of the Chure, Bhabar and Terai region of Nepal.


  • Manage community resources in collaborative manner by empowering community groups and their stakeholder.
  • Conduct the programs of Disaster Risk Reduction such as earthquake, landslide, flood,

coldwave,fire etc.

  • Contribute to make peaceful just and civilized  society by  strength  good governance
  • To provide health services to the target groups and make them aware on proper right of health.
  • To strike to practice for good governance system and raise our voice to establish the good governance in community level.
  • To conduct the programs of natural disaster relief and mitigation such as earth quick, landslide, floods etc. as per need in target groups.
  • Aware the local community on the natural resources and environmental protection and conduct all the development activities in the way of environment friendly.
  • Conduct the programs on target groups to enhance the NTFP, aromatic plants, private forestry etc. for the management of natural resources as per need of local community and potentiality of region.
  • Design an appropriate income generation activities and implement in the target groups as per need and potentiality of region.
  • Organize different types of community activities with coordination and support of other related organizations.
  • Make aware and provide services to the men, women and children of rural areas in their reproductive health, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV-AIDS etc. The health services will be complimentary and supplementary to the existing governmental and private health facilities.
  • Organize different types of nature conservation program and aware the community to make the environment sustain.
  • To aware the community and make their involvement in different types of IGA activities and raise poverty reduction practice in community.
  • To raise voice against the child right, women right and advocate settling basic human right in community.
  • To provide safe drinking water facilities in rural and urban area and make the community empower to manage the drinking water system themselves in future.
  • Organize dalits, men and women against untouchability and gender discriminations/violence. Develop leadership so that they have a share in the local resources and participation in the decision making process in the local governance.
  • We seek opportunities to work in partnership with other agencies (government and non-government) in the detection of these aims and objectives.